Hi, I’m Miranda Miller and I’d like to introduce you to our CEO Shantae Rose.


Shantae Rose, Managing Proprietor

She’s a forward thinker, philanthropist ( supporting non profits related to hospitality, education, and the art) and the managing proprietor of Urbanity LLC (a boutique style hospitality management company)

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In 2003 she began serving as the resident services manager for a luxury condominium in downtown Atlanta. Providing exceptional customer service with an individualized approach to resident relations, this began to gain her high praise from the residents, guests, vendors, and The Board of Directors who soon offered her a contract to manage their concierge services. With Shantae as the CEO and two of her trusted coworkers, an upscale concierge company was established! After being awarded the contract to the aforementioned condo building, many more were acquired in the years following.
In 2007 and for several years, the hospitality industry was adversely affected by the Great Recession. During this time the business partners embarked upon other individual endeavors however, unshaken by the difficult circumstances, Shantae continued to provide concierge services and expanded the company by adding a domestic care team and event services. With the expansion, and the support of her loving family, she founded Urbanity.  In the years since, the company has thrived and established itself as a premier boutique hospitality company.

Driven by passion and purpose
trusting that her calling is in the hospitality industry!

Without missing a beat and with the support of her loving family, she founded Urbanity LLC and serves as the managing proprietor. 

Urbanity is proudly minority owned woman led & family operated. 


“Urbanity, (noun): suavity, courteousness, and refinement of manner.”