Urbanity porters and grounds persons enhance and maintain the community’s beauty and upkeep. [MORE]

Enhancing Your Environment with Domestic Services


Our Care Team Cares

Urbanity Care Teams (porters and grounds persons) are equally important as any other branch, you see our team cleaning all around the building:  hallways, lobby, club houses, garage, fitness centers, and more.

In addition to maintaining the community, we find it imperative that they are trained in hospitality as well:

  • Provide service with a smile
  • Greet all residents and guests
  • Extend courteous gestures


Our team do more than clean,  

they incorporate hospitality into every interaction


Grounds Person

Grounds Persons maintain the overall cleanliness of the property grounds. Among many common areas, they tend to hallways, club rooms, fitness centers, sidewalks, garages, and pet stations. They are always pleasant, well spoken, and neatly groomed, and versed on the workings of the property.

  • Grounds Persons maintain tidiness in interior & exterior common areas and services these items within reach –-  Trash cans, windows, surfaces, doors, mirrors, sinks, toilets, urinals, floors, mats, rugs, fixtures, furniture, equipment, pet waste stations, baseboards, stairs, rails, and more.


Porters are responsible for the tidiness of the interior common areas. Being pleasant and well spoken, porters are also versed on the inner workings of the property and the names of its inhabitants. They are willing to lend a helping hand to assist residents with cumbersome packages.



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